Power Magic Ultra Battery B-130X – What’s New

Among the Parking Mode accessories, the Power Magic Ultra Battery sits at the top of the line. The BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery B-130X succeeds to the B-124X. You can check the press release for a detailed list of features but here is a less formal breakdown of the specifications.

25% more power…

The B-130X packs 25% more power than its predecessor, while retaining its highly reliable design. It still uses highly cold and heat-resistant Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells. Unlike Lithium Ion cells typically powering smartphones and other portable devices, LiFePO4 cells can operate safely in hot and cold environments. Needless to say it is an essential requirement for use as a Parking Mode battery.

Here are the capacity specifications:

  • B-130X: 7,500 mAh / 12.8 V / 96 Wh.
  • B-124X: 6,000 mAh / 12.8 V / 76.8 Wh.

…in a slimmer housing

Although having a higher capacity (and heavier weight), it manages to achieve a slightly lower total volume, as you can see from the dimensions:

  • B-130X: Black / 152.7 mm (W) X 206.0 mm (L) X 33.6 mm (H) (1,056,928 cubic millimeters) / 1,537 g
  • B-124X: Black / 157 mm (W) x 171 mm (L) x 39.5 mm (H) (1,060,456 cubic millimeters) / 1,400 g

More accurate (Fuel Gauge IC)

The Power Magic Ultra Battery B-130X introduces a new component absent from its predecessor: a fuel gauge integrated circuit. The primary role of the fuel gauge is to monitor the current that comes in and goes out of the battery. This means that the battery capacity readings are more accurate, especially when the battery is in discharge mode (while powering your dash cam in Parking Mode). On its predecessor, the capacity readings were estimated purely based on the voltage coming out of the battery.

Note that when charging after a full discharge, the capacity may hover around 70-80% for a while before “jumping” to 100%, as the battery detects that it is fully charged and recalibrates itself. While discharging, however, the readings are more accurate.

Smarter (Wiring Auto Detection)

The B-124X has a 3-way Cigarette | OFF | Hardwire switch that user has to set manually based on the way the battery is wired to the vehicle’s electrical system.
With the B-130X, you just have an ON/OFF switch and the battery automatically adapts its power draw to match the wiring method.

To sum up:

  • If the battery is plugged to a 12V auxiliary power outlet, it will draw 5A (90 minutes to full charge).
  • If the battery is hardwired to the vehicle’s fuse panel, it will draw 9A (50 minutes to full charge).

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