Power Magic Expansion Battery for Ultra Battery Now Available

The Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124) is a high-capacity battery to power your BlackVue dashcam in Parking Mode. With its 76.8Wh capacity (12.8V/6,000mAh), it can power most BlackVue dashcams in Parking Mode for more than 24 hours and charges under 40 minutes when hardwired. 

Now, you can more than double your battery capacity with the Power Magic Expansion Battery (B-124E). 

In the Online Store, go to the Power Magic Ultra Battery page and select Power Magic Expansion Battery in the drop-down menu.

If you would like to purchase both at once, you can select the Ultra Battery, add it to your cart, then select the Expansion Battery and click Add to Cart again. 

More than double your total battery capacity

The Power Magic Expansion Battery has the exact same dimensions as the Ultra Battery but holds 10% more power than the main battery (84.5Wh/12.8V/6,600mAh). 

Note that the Expansion Battery requires the Ultra Battery to function: it cannot be used by itself. 

With an Expansion Battery connected to your Ultra Battery, you get more than double the power. Of course, charging time increases but stays reasonable in this case: full charge should be reached in under 60 minutes when hardwired (9A rapid charging). 

Connect multiple Expansion Batteries in sequence

You can connect the Ultra Battery to your Expansion Battery using the connector cable included with the Expansion Battery. Plug the cable in the Ultra Battery’s “Expansion” port and one of the two “Expansion” port of the Expansion Battery. Note that this leaves one port free to add another Expansion Battery. You can daisy chain multiple Power Magic Expansion Battery units that way. 


Don’t forget to update the Battery Capacity settings

Whether you add one, two or more Expansion Batteries, make sure to modify in the BlackVue Battery App the available total capacity in mAh.

For example, if you use just one Power Magic Ultra Battery, you can leave it at 6,000mAh. 
Then you can add 6,600mAh for each Expansion Battery you connect:

  • 1 Ultra Battery (6,000mAh) + 1 Expansion Battery (6,600mAh) = 12,600mAh. 
  • 1 Ultra Battery (6,000mAh) + 2 Expansion Batteries (2×6,600mAh) = 19,200mAh. 

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