Police Using Spotlight And “Blinding Drivers” #CaughtOnBlackVue

This unusual situation on the road was introduced to us by one of the BlackVue users.

Spotlight in a dangerous place

Here’s what our customer told us:
“I was driving back home from a week-long trip out of town. I landed LAX, got to my car, and proceeded on my normal 2-hour drive up the I-5 towards Bakersfield. I made it to CA-99 without any issues, taking my usual off-ramp to my home. This particular route requires me to take an uphill 270° turn right near the edge of a hill.”

In the middle of the turn, a policeman driving a marked Bakersfield Police department vehicle used their spotlight to illuminate the BlackVue user’s car.

“Their actions is a violation of CA VC 24404(e), which states that “no spotlamp when in use shall be directed so as to illuminate any other moving vehicle.” The police vehicle made no effort to pull me over or communicate with me otherwise.” The BlackVue user claimed.

Issue covered on TV

As multiple drivers reported the same thing (some even with dash cam evidence), the situation became a local issue, with local media picking up the story. The BlackVue user was interviewed a couple of times and KGET (affiliated with NBC) published both an article and a TV news segment about the problem.

“With any luck, the video captured on my BlackVue dash cam can help bring about meaning change within our local police department.” The BlackVue user told us.

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