Parking Mode – How To Choose The Perfect Parking Mode Accessory For Your BlackVue?

Once you decide on the BlackVue dashcam you want to buy, you might want to also consider purchasing a Parking Mode accessory to go with it. Parking Mode accessory will prolong the dashcam’s recording time and keep on going even when the engine is off and the car is parked. But which Parking Mode accessory should you choose? How do you know which one will match your needs perfectly?
This article is here to help you with your choice.

Looking for an easy installation?

BEST CHOICE: Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112)


Battery Pack is easy to install

If you are looking for a simple plug-and-play installation, the Power Magic Battery Pack is a fantastic option to consider. The Power Magic Battery Pack simply plugs into your vehicle’s cigar lighter socket and provides a female power socket to power your dashcam.
Note that Power Magic Ultra Battery also supports easy cigarette lighter installation. However, we recommend to hardwire it for faster charge (unless you have more than an hour daily commute, in which case you will fully charge the battery anyway).

Have a small-capacity car battery?

BEST CHOICE: Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112) or Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X)
If your vehicle sports a small-capacity battery or an aging battery that you do not feel like replacing just yet, an external battery is the way to go. Whether you plug it in the cigarette lighter socket (B-112/B-124X) or hardwire it (B-124X), a Parking Mode battery will only draw power when ignition is on. Since your vehicle battery would not give you a lot of Parking Mode time anyway, it may be a better choice overall. 
If you use the cigarette lighter configuration for your battery, make sure that your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket is not powered when ignition is off, so as to preserve your vehicle’s battery.

Need stealthy installation?

BEST OPTION: Power Magic Pro
For users who are not afraid to work with the fuse panel of their vehicle, the Power Magic Pro is a great accessory that enables Parking Mode with a lot of control. Due to its compact size, Power Magic Pro allows for a very stealthy installation, with no visible cable.

Power Magic Pro

Although more challenging to install, Power Magic Pro is the stealthy option

Additionally, the Power Magic Ultra Battery, in spite of its larger size, can be stealthily installed as well, as it is able to connect to the fuse box (recommended installation) and tucked under the driver’s or passenger’s seat or glove box.

Need Parking Mode protection for long periods of time?

BEST OPTION: Power Magic Ultra Battery

Ultra Battery

Power Magic Ultra Battery gives you A LOT of power

This one is easy: Power Magic Ultra Battery gives you plenty of power by itself. But you can still more than double the capacity thanks to the Power Magic Expansion Battery. Even better, the Expansions can be daisy-chained for even more power (time to full charge will of course increase as well).
If you have a very large car battery, the Power Magic Pro can also work and is definitely more affordable. That said, you need to factor in the long term wear of your vehicle’s battery as well in case you use Parking Mode often.

Driving your car daily for an hour at a time?

BEST OPTION: Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112)
For a daily commute of an hour or more, the Battery Pack will give you great satisfaction. If you don’t drive your car daily or have a shorter commute, one of the other Parking Mode accessories may be a better choice for you.

Still not sure? Look at this handy BlackVue Parking Mode accessory comparison table we prepared and decide for yourself!

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