Parked Car Hit While The Driver Was Right There! #CaughtOnBlackVue

You never know when having a dash cam installed in your car may come in handy.

Even a warning didn’t help

This video sent to us by BlackVue user Izaan shows the entire incident that happened to him just a few days back. He parked on the side of the road right behind a Toyota Prius+ to drop off his son at a local after-school club. When he got out of the vehicle with his son, suddenly Toyota reversed… into Izaan’s car. Izaan even screamed at the other driver to warn him, but it didn’t help; Toyota struck Izaan’s car, causing damage to the bumper and the license plate (which fell off).

Footage handed off to the insurance company

The damage wasn’t severe, but everything happened in front of a young boy’s eyes. Izaan’s son was definitely shaken because of this unexpected event. “I am so happy that I had the Blackvue DR750X dash cam installed that captured the incident.” Izaan told us. He said he sent the footage to his insurance company to deal with the claim and damages.

Don’t wait until AFTER something happens. You never know what may happen on the road. Get your dash cam today here!

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