Parked Car Hit By A Truck On A Snowy Night #CaughtOnBlackVue

Driving in the snow is always a challenge and accidents happen. But even if you do happen to hit someone’s parked car… leaving a note is a must! Or is it?

Witnessing an (almost) hit-and-run

This BlackVue user was driving home from his friend’s house at 2AM in the morning when he saw a pickup truck backing up. The truck hit a car parked nearby, and the driver got out of his car to assess the damage. Instead of leaving the note for the owner of the parked car he then… proceeded to try to leave the scene! BlackVue user, whose BlackVue DR900X-2CH Plus dash cam recorded the entire incident, stepped out of his car to inform the other driver he got everything on video.

The truck driver then relented and left a note on the parked car. Later, the BlackVue user showed the dash cam footage to the parked vehicle’s owner. Apparently, she was very happy she had a witness to this (almost) hit-and-run and she promised she was going to purchase her own BlackVue dash cam soon!

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