Old Car, New Toys – 5 Gadgets To Have In Your Vehicle In 2024

You know what they say – it’s what’s inside that counts. A few simple gadgets added to the interior of your vehicle will make all the difference – you will be more entertained, organized and, above all, safer.

Here are 5 fantastic gadget ideas that will help you make your old car feel – if not brand new, at least refreshed!

Stay Entertained

A smartphone holder is that one basic item you really need in your car. But not just any holder – make sure it has wireless charging and the grip is strong enough for your phone model’s weight (as they tend to make them quite big and heavy these days). A smartphone holder with wireless charging is both functional and helps to keep that “clean look” we all want to maintain. And that can be easily achieved by getting rid of unnecessary cables. By keeping your phone charged you can be sure your phone won’t die on you while listening to your favorite podcast or trying to use Google Maps!

Stay Healthy

It’s 2021 so it’s no wonder this gadget made its way onto our list. Portable hand sanitizer is the way to go. Instead of fumbling for that pesky little bottle of gel in our glove compartment, have one always at hand. Amazon offers quite a wide range of both car dispensers for the hand sanitizers and special holders that can be attached to the doors, seats and other easily reachable places.

Stay Comfortable

If long commutes to work are a part of your daily routine, or if there’s a road trip you’re planning in the nearest future, it’s time to think how you can make your drive more comfortable. Some gadgets will even help you keep good posture while driving (which can decrease the risk of a serious injury in case of an accident). There are quite a few options to choose from, from comfy seat belt covers and steering wheel covers made from memory foam to seat cushions and lumbar support pillows.

Stay Organized

It’s not all about trunk organizers anymore! Nowadays you can get special hooks for the front seats (ideal for your passengers sitting at the back, who can hang their bags or jackets there). If you’re annoyed by the unused space between the front seats, there are gap fillers that serve a double purpose. They’re not only great as storage for small things such as your wallet, but they also help in case you drop something. No more fumbling blindly between the seats trying to reach these pesky keys you dropped!

Stay Safe

Lastly, we cannot forget about safety. A good dashboard camera can save you a lot of future headaches, from having to deal with hit-and-runs to enduring long and overly complicated insurance claim processes. Installing a dash cam in your car will help you avoid all of that. For example with the BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE Cloud dash cam model, you can always stay connected to your dash cam and monitor your car anywhere, anytime. If you’re worried about the installation process and the setup, you can always check how other users did it or watch official installation videos. We also highly recommend utilizing the Parking Mode function. For that, you will need a dash cam with native Parking Mode (BlackVue DR770X-2CH for example) or an additional Parking Mode accessory (ranging from a hardwiring kit to different battery packs).

We hope this little guide will help you make your daily drives even more enjoyable, comfortable and safer to you and your passengers. While some of the choices may seem obvious, we often forget about the basics or keep postponing installing them in our car – don’t wait and take the matter in your own hands today!

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