New Tamper-Proof Case for Simple and Wi-Fi BlackVue Dashcams

The Tamper-Proof Case lineup includes a new model as of today to protect the Simple and Wi-Fi-only BlackVue dash​cams with a cylindrical case. The BTC-2A is a tamper-proof case for the DR590 Series and all dash​cams that share its external design.


Why use a Tamper-Proof Case?

There are many good reasons to use a tamper-proof case for your dash​cam.

  • Prevent unplugging the power and video cables.
  • Prevent access to the microSD card. 
  • Help protect against theft: it is easy to remove a dashcam, including with its mount, when you can simply unplug the power and video cables. If you cannot unplug the cables, however, stealing the dash​cam is much trickier and will require the thief to take out all the wiring (hard to be discreet doing that) or cut the cables altogether. 

Full compatibility list:

If your dashcam looks like the DR590 Series, it is probably compatible with the BTC-2A Tamper-Proof Case. If you are not sure, check the list of compatible dashcams further below.

BlackVue DR590-1CH dash cam BlackVue DR590-2CH dash cam


  • DR590W-2CH, DR590W-2CH IR, DR590W-1CH,
  • DR590-2CH, DR590-2CH IR, DR590-1CH,
  • DR490-2CH,
  • DR470-2CH, DR470-2CH IR,
  • DR450-1CH,
  • DR430-2CH, DR430-2CH IR.

Visit the Tamper-Proof product page HERE and the Online Store page HERE.


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