[New Product] Power Magic Ultra Battery Now Available

Welcome the new entrant to the Power Magic family of Parking Mode accessories: the Power Magic Ultra Battery is a high-capacity (6000mAh / 12.8V/ 76.8Wh) battery designed to power your BlackVue dash​cam in Parking Mode. It has a full aluminum casing to better dissipate heat and keep it compact. 

It only charges when your car’s ignition is on. When your car’s ignition is off, it will keep your BlackVue on for Parking Mode monitoring. The free iOS and Android app BlackVue Battery allows you to change settings and monitor the battery via Bluetooth.

Charging either fast or very fast

The Ultra Battery charges either fast or very fast while driving, depending on how you choose to connect it to your car. 
When connected to the cigarette lighter socket of you car (5A charging), the battery will reach a full charge in under 80 minutes (note: this is a very conservative figure. Our internal tests showed that the battery can usually charge about an hour). 
If you choose to hardwire the battery to your car via the fuse panel (9A charging), you can expect a full charge in under 40 minutes. 

Powering your dash​cam in Parking Mode for longer

When your car’s ignition is off, the Power Magic Ultra Battery can power a single-channel dash​cam for more than 28 hours and a dual-channel dash​cam for over 20 hours in Parking Mode. That is more than double the time provided by the Power Magic Battery Pack!

Need more power? Connect one or more Expansion Batteries

The Power Magic Ultra Battery’s already large capacity can be augmented with one or more Power Magic Expansion Batteries (B-124E) of 6600mAh / 12.8V / 84.48Wh.

Multiple Expansion Battery units can be connected in sequence (daisy-chained). When an Expansion Battery is connected, total charging time is increases but charging rate is actually higher: the full charge can be attained in about 1 hour 40 minutes in 5A configuration and about an hour when hardwired.

Free BlackVue Battery app

The Power Magic Ultra Battery comes with Bluetooth connectivity. With the BlackVue Battery app, you can easily view battery status when charging and when powering your dashcam in Parking Mode, letting you know in both case the estimated remaining time. 

You can turn off the beep sound from the battery as well via the app’s settings. 

Use the app also when connecting one or more Expansion Batteries to set the total capacity in mAh. 
By default it is 6000mAh but if you connect an Expansion, you should set it to 12600 (6000+6600).

Available Now

The Power Magic Ultra Battery is available in the Online Store now. The Expansion Battery will be available later this month.

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