New Power Magic EZ – OBD Kit for Dash Cam Parking Mode

The Power Magic EZ Parking Mode accessory is now available. Power Magic EZ plugs into your vehicle’s OBD port and your dashcam’s power socket.
It is the easiest way to enjoy Parking Mode using your vehicle’s battery as the power source, while preventing battery drain.

Enjoy Parking Mode while protecting your car’s battery

Those familiar with the Power Magic Pro hardwiring kit will feel at home with the Power Magic EZ, as it includes all the Power Magic Pro features, without requiring a professional installation.
Among those features, PMEZ has two ways of preventing battery discharge.
Power Magic EZ includes both timer and voltage cut-off functions. This means whether the timer is up or your vehicle’s battery voltage drops to the cut-off value, Power Magic EZ will stop powering your dashcam. This way, your car (or truck) battery is protected and you don’t have to worry about starting your car after a long Parking Mode session.

Like the Power Magic Pro, Power Magic EZ also has a Parking Mode switch, meaning you can deactivate Parking Mode?if you park your car in a safe place, for example?but still have your dashcam active while driving.

Compatible with all car types and 12V/24V electrical systems

Power Magic EZ is compatible with most cars, including hybrids. It is also compatible with commercial vehicles and trucks or recreational vehicles (motorhomes) sporting a 24V electrical system. The Power Magic EZ does require your OBD to include a CAN bus. If your vehicle was manufactured after 2008, a CAN bus is most likely included.

Other Parking Mode accessories

If you are not sure whether the Power Magic EZ is the right accessory for you, we created a page comparing all the Parking Mode accessories.
For more in-depth details on how Parking Mode works (including details on each Parking Mode accessories), head to the BlackVue Parking Mode page.


Power Magic EZ is now available from the BlackVue Online Store for $29.99.



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