[UPDATED] New BlackVue Mac Viewer feat. BlackVue Cloud

Dear Mac and BlackVue users, the new BlackVue Viewer featuring BlackVue Cloud is now available for Mac.

You can now enjoy all the Cloud features on a laptop or desktop Mac running Mac OS X 10.10 and above.
For those looking for the Windows version, it is available here.

NOTICE (updated 14 October 2016 (KST)):

Application running issue:

Version 1.02 fixes the “Unidentified Developer” popup issue that may occur if your Mac is configured to run only applications downloaded from the Mac App Store or from an identified developer.

Downloading the application:

We noticed that the download may initiate faster when using the Chrome browser than Safari.
If you have issues to download using Safari, we recommend trying with another browser.
In any case, please allow a few seconds for the download to initiate after clicking “Download”.

What’s New?

The new BlackVue Viewer supports all BlackVue models and is compatible with BlackVue Cloud.
Note: this version contains two applications in one. After installation, upon running the application, you will be presented with a launcher menu letting you choose Cloud or SD Card.

  • The SD Card menu opens the SD Card Viewer, which lets you view recorded videos from your SD card and modify the settings of your BlackVue, as well as format the SD card. If you are familiar with the former BlackVue Mac Viewer, you will feel at home as this is the same interface.
  • The Cloud menu lets you enjoy BlackVue Cloud. Check out simple tutorial videos below to see how it works.


BlackVue Mac Viewer Playback screen and Map screen
The Cloud Viewer Screen

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