New BlackVue DR900X Plus Series 4K Dashcam Available Now

Good news for all of you waiting for a DR900S or DR900X upgrade: the DR900X Plus Series delivers even better image quality and introduces great new quality-of-life features.

Update 2021-10-18: DR900X-2CH IR Plus (Taxi version with driver-facing infrared camera) is now available.

Improved video quality

The DR900X Plus Series front camera produces crisper 4K videos than its predecessors. The difference is actually quite noticeable when looking at side-by-side footage. You can clearly see finer details from a longer distance.

The dual-channel model’s Full HD rear camera is also better than past models at capturing videos in low light and has better dynamic range overall. It is the same camera that equips the recently released DR750X Plus model, with the same newer Sony STARVISâ„¢ sensor.

We shared some screenshots below to let you compare the image quality of the DR900X Plus with that of its predecessor the DR900X (keep in mind that those images are resized for the web. The original 4K UHD resolution is 3840×2160 pixels.

New Seamless Pairing for easier setup with the BlackVue App

Seamless Pairing is making its debut with the launch of the DR900X Plus Series. Seamless Pairing is a much simpler way to connect to your dash cam with the BlackVue App. Seamless Pairing lets you:

  • Connect directly to your dashcam from the BlackVue App. No more having to connect to the camera from your phone’s Wi-Fi menu first, including manually entering your dashcam’s Wi-Fi password.
  • Get notified of firmware updates and do a one-click FOTA (firmware over the air) upgrade. No more manually downloading the firmware to your phone (LTE) before connecting to your camera over Wi-Fi, then uploading the firmware to your camera.
  • Set up your dashcam for Cloud connectivity in a few simple steps. No more scanning QR codes to register your dashcam to the Cloud server over the internet, before connecting to the camera over Wi-Fi (losing your internet connection) to set up a Cloud connection method (SIM card or 3rd-party hotspot). Now just head to the “Connect to Cloud” menu, tap the “+” icon to add your dashcam and follow the instructions.

New Mobile Hotspot Function (with optional LTE Connectivity Module)

The BlackVue LTE Connectivity Module (CM100LTE) plugs into your BlackVue’s USB port and is powered by it. Combined with an active SIM card and data plan, it provides internet capability to your dashcam to connect to BlackVue Cloud.

With Mobile Hotspot Function, your BlackVue can now turn into a mobile internet router for up to five devices concurrently. This means you and your passengers can now use your BlackVue’s internet on your laptop, portable game console, tablet or mobile. To connect to the BlackVue, simply open your devices’ Wi-Fi menu, select the BlackVue and enter the dashcam’s Wi-Fi password.

Available now

DR900X Plus models are available now in the BlackVue Shop.

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