New BlackVue Dash Cam Catches Parallel Parking Accident #CaughtOnBlackVue

Parallel parking can be tricky – but that doesn’t mean free-for-all when it comes to hitting other cars when doing so! Let’s look at the footage provided by the BlackVue Ambassador Conner, who got hit just a few days after he received a new BlackVue dash cam model for review purposes (the 4K UHD Cloud-compatible DR970X-2CH available here).

Parked too close

“I had parallel parked my car on a local city street to go into a nearby building. When I came out to my car I noticed that the car behind me was insanely close to my rear bumper and I was curious if they had hit me,” Conner told us. He noticed some scratches and decided to check if his BlackVue dash cam caught anything. Sure enough, after opening the BlackVue app and checking for the videos triggered by the impact in Parking Mode, he found a video where the car behind him hit his vehicle not once, but twice while the driver attempted to park.

The other driver did not leave a note for Conner.

Confronting the culprit with video evidence

“Thankfully with the BlackVue dash cam footage I was able to confirm that the vehicle that hit mine was indeed the car that was still parked behind me at the time when I came back out,” Conner explained. Since they didn’t leave a note for Conner, he decided to leave one for them – he notified the other driver that he knew they hit him, and that he had video proof. He left his phone number there and the other driver soon reached out to Conner to express their apologies.

“They admitted that they knew they hit my car but failed to leave a note. We then discussed dealing with the accident privately since they responded and were cooperating. I am so glad that I had the clear, irrefutable proof on my BlackVue!”

The incident was recorded on the BlackVue’s newest dash cam – DR970X-2CH. As the event occured behind the BlackVue user’s car, it was captured by the dash cam’s rear camera.

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