New BlackVue 4K Box Plus Dash Cams Now Available

The DR970X Box Plus models are now available for purchase in the BlackVue online store and participating retailers. 

Both Box Plus models feature a 4K UHD front camera equipped with a Sony STARVIS 2 sensor. The DR970X Box-2CH Plus has a regular rear camera and the DR970X Box-2CH IR Plus instead features an infrared driver-facing camera with 180-degree diagonal view angle. Both rear and interior cameras use a Full HD Sony STARVIS sensor. 

Available models

There are two 4K Box models available:


Features in common with the other DR970X Plus models

The Box Plus models include all the new features introduced in the 4K Plus models released this year

New key features

  • New 4K Sony STARVIS 2 sensor: the 4K Plus models all feature an IMX678 sensor in the front camera, which delivers improved sensitivity in low light and better dynamic range. 
  • New fast (f/1.7 aperture) lens in the main camera: the large aperture lens allows the 4K Plus main cameras to gather more light which in turn allows using faster shutter speed, to freeze the action and minimize blur.
  • Improved image signal processor (ISP) tuning: the dynamic range and overall fidelity has been improved across the board through expert optimization of a new chipset. In simple terms: the image looks better, especially at night and in high-contrast scenes where most cameras struggle to preserve detail in highlights and dark areas.
  • Twice longer Event buffer: the 4K Plus models feature a 10-second buffer up from 5 seconds for previous models. This means the Event video clips recorded while driving or parked include ten seconds of action occurring before the triggering event. Those include detected motion in Motion & Impact Parking Mode, Manual Events triggered via the touch sensor on the side of the camera, or impact sensed by the accelerometer while driving or parked. 
  • HEVC/H.265 codec: the 4K Plus models feature the High-Efficiency Video Coding compression algorithm as the default, while also giving users the ability to choose the more widely supported AVC/H.264 codec. HEVC preserves details better and also allows recording at a higher bitrate of 60 Megabits per second (lower settings also available). 

Other features common to all the 4K Plus models

  • 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity: allows you to view and transfer video footage at fast speed via the BlackVue app.
  • Seamless Pairing: BlackVue’s hassle-free way of connecting to your dash cam with the BlackVue App. Secure and passwordless. 
  • GPS logging: records location and speed data, which can be displayed on the video footage and on a map in the app or viewer.
  • Native Parking Mode: monitors your vehicle when parked and automatically records any incidents or impacts, all while protecting your vehicle’s battery thanks to the built-in voltage monitor. Hardwiring cable included, along with 12V auxiliary (cigarette lighter) power adapter.
  • Event detection:automatically detects and records events such as collisions, sudden braking, and acceleration, and saves buffered Event files accordingly.
  • Event File Protection: preserve the last 50 Event videos at all times so you always have time to retrieve important footage without it getting overwritten. 
  • Adaptive Format-Free File Management: this BlackVue-developed file system improves recording stability and requires less frequent microSD card formatting.
  • SD Card Failure Alert: even the best microSD cards can fail over time. To avoid bad surprises, BlackVue lets you know instantly (and continuously) with a “Please check SD card” voice alert if the card is not working properly.
  • Cloud compatibility: allows you to access and manage video footage remotely via the free BlackVue Cloud service (requires data plan).
  • Sub-stream technology: play back your footage instantly over Wi-Fi or the Cloud. BlackVue dash cams save “quick play” versions of the videos alongside the original high resolution footage. 

What makes the Box models stand out

The main particularity of the Box models is to have a recording unit?the “Box”?separate from the camera units. 

DR970X Box Plus

This design allows for multiple advantages that we will list up below. 

Secure by design

The Box models feature a lockable cover on the box unit and hex screws on the camera mounts to hold for added security. However, what makes the Box models more secure than others is their modular design itself. By having a recording unit separate from the cameras, it is possible to have it installed in a safe or hidden location of your vehicle. This means thieves who would spot the cameras might still have a hard time accessing the recording box that contains the video evidence. 


Better heat management

In most electronic devices, the main processing chips usually produce the most heat.

Also owing to their design, the Box models have the main chip in the box recording unit, separate from the cameras which sit on the windshields. This arrangement makes heat management easier as the Box recording unit can be placed in a cooler location of the vehicle. In turn, this means better heat distribution and less stress on the microSD card. 


Enhanced stealth

Having the main chipset in the recording box and away from the front camera means the front camera can be further miniaturized. As a result, the front camera is almost as small as the rear camera. It still includes a speaker and microphone, as well as the accelerometer (G-sensor), so that it can detect impacts the same way a conventional dash cam would. 

The Box models’ front cameras are noticeably smaller than conventional dash cams’ front cameras.

Learn more about the 4K Box Plus models.

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