New 4K BlackVue with Infrared Driver-Facing Camera Now Available – DR970X-2CH IR Plus

The “Taxi” version of the DR970X Plus Series dash cam is now available. The DR970X-2CH IR Plus follows the DR970X-1CH Plus, DR970X-2CH Plus and DR970X-2CH LTE Plus released on January 15. Let’s have a look at what makes this dual-channel dash cam with driver-facing infrared camera stand out.

Key features from the DR970X Plus models

DR970X-2CH IR Plus retains all the features inherent to the DR970X Plus series models.

  • New 4K Sony STARVIS 2 sensor: the 4K Plus models all feature an IMX678 sensor in the front camera, which delivers improved sensitivity in low light and better dynamic range. 
  • New fast (f/1.7 aperture) lens in the main camera: the large aperture lens allows the 4K Plus main cameras to gather more light compared to the f/2.8 lens of their predecessors, which in turn results in faster shutter speed, allowing to freeze the action and minimize blur.
  • Improved image signal processor (ISP) tuning: the dynamic range and overall fidelity has been improved across the board through expert optimization of a new chipset. In simple terms: the image looks better, especially at night and in high-contrast scenes where most cameras struggle to preserve detail in highlights and dark areas.
  • Twice longer Event buffer: the 4K Plus models feature a 10-second buffer up from 5 seconds for previous models.  This means the Event video clips recorded while driving or parked include ten seconds of action occurring before the triggering event. Those include detected motion in Motion & Impact Parking Mode, Manual Events triggered via the touch sensor on the side of the camera, or impact sensed by the accelerometer while driving or parked. 
  • HEVC/H.265 codec: the 4K Plus models feature the High-Efficiency Video Coding compression algorithm as the default, while also giving users the ability to choose the more widely supported AVC/H.264 codec. HEVC preserves details better and also allows recording at a higher bitrate of 60 Megabits per second (lower settings also available). 

Driver-facing Infrared Camera

The Infrared Camera is designed to secure the interior of your vehicle. The infrared LEDs automatically activate based on the ambient luminosity. Those LEDs are invisible to the eye, though you can see them if you take a picture while they’re on.

The camera’s spectacular clarity even in pitch black lighting conditions means the interior of your vehicle is secured day and night.
With its close to 180-degree view angle, the camera’s field of view covers both the driver-side and passenger-side windows at the same time in most vehicles.

Good for taxi drivers but not only

That means the IR cam procures peace of mind not only to taxi and rideshare drivers on the job but also all individual drivers looking to secure their vehicle’s interior against thieves. An unfortunately common worry of US motorists is to be unfairly treated by law enforcement. With its ultrawide view angle, the IR camera footage, combined with the audio recording, can protect drivers in the right against abuse of power that could occur in routine traffic stops.

Customize it with the BlackVue App

With the BlackVue App or Viewer, users can further customize the way the camera operates.

driver-facing infrared (ir) camera
  • 180° Image Rotation to accommodate your setup:
    • Install the camera the way you like in your vehicle and check the live view from the interior cam.
    • If the image comes out upside down, just activate this feature and it will fix the image orientation.
  • Security LED ON/OFF:
    • You can deactivate the LED on the camera via the options for increased stealth, which is especially useful in Parking Mode.

Color rendition

Since this is an infrared camera, it should be noted that colors are rendered differently than what you might expect from a conventional camera. You get some colors during the day, which might not match colors as seen with the naked eye, and an almost black and white look in darker environments. This is typical of most nfrared cameras.

Here is a couple video clips for those wondering what the videos look like:

You can find the DR970X-2CH IR Plus in the BlackVue Online Store.

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