New 256GB MicroSD Card and Price Drop on All Capacities

BlackVue just introduced a 256GB microSD card to the lineup. Meanwhile, the 16GB capacity will be phased out and prices are dropping across the whole line. 

New V-Nand 256GB microSD card

The new high-capacity 256GB microSD doubles the recording time for your BlackVue dashcam as compared to the 128GB model. It is compatible with all the following dashcams in the BlackVue lineup: 

  • DR900S-1CH/2CH/2CH IR
  • DR590W-1CH/2CH/2CH IR
  • DR590-1CH/2CH/2CH IR

Please note regarding compatibility with older BlackVue dashcam models: although it may seem to work, we cannot fully guarantee compatibility and performance with older models. 

Price drops across the whole line

The 16GB option is going away. The good news? The 32GB model becomes the new entry level and the 32GB microSD cards and dashcams drop to the 16GB price point. This means that you can now get a 32GB DR750S-2CH (for example) for the price of the 16GB DR750S-2CH previously. The 64GB and 128GB tiers also drop in price. 

Updated Video Recording Time Tables

Last, we also updated the Video Quality Settings And Recording Time page with 256GB-related data for the models listed above.


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