All You Need To Know About the Power Magic Pro

Do you know about the Power Magic Pro? This hardwiring kit is the Parking Mode enabler for your dashcam. Although a Pittasoft/BlackVue invention designed to take advantage of BlackVue’s Parking Mode, it works with any dashcam powered via a cigar lighter socket adapter. But rather than just hardwiring your dashcam, the Power Magic Pro also monitors your vehicle’s battery voltage. That way, you don’t have to worry about your dashcam draining your car’s battery to dangerously low levels: the Power Magic Pro will simply cut off the power to the dashcam so you can start your car after a Parking Mode session. Who says hardwiring says fiddling with the fuse box of your vehicle. But fear not, as YouTuber VortexRadar will explain in details how to connect your PMP to your car and power any dashcam. He also goes through all the different timer and voltage cutoff settings and gives you tips on how to properly make use of optional fuse taps for a clean installation.

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