All You Need to Know About Parking Mode

Parking Mode: a most important feature in a dashcam

Protecting you and your car when you are driving is the first function of a dashcam. But what about when you are away from your car?
With the right setup, you can take full advantage of your BlackVue thanks to Parking Mode monitoring.

In fact, we think Parking Mode is such an important feature that we recently created a page dedicated to it.

How Parking Mode works

When you have a car that you care about and you want peace of mind, Parking Mode is a great feature to have. In Parking Mode, you BlackVue just monitors your vehicle’s surroundings without writing on the microSD card. Then someone bumps into your car while it’s parked. BlackVue will record it, including the few seconds leading to the impact, thanks to its buffered recording function. With the culprit’s license plate on tape, you shouldn’t have to worry about insurance claims and you may even avoid paying deductibles out of pocket in certain cases.

It is laid out in an FAQs style, with the most commonly asked questions about Parking Mode: how does the dashcam record in Parking Mode?, what are the advantages of Parking Mode?, what do I need to use Parking Mode?

You will find all answers to these questions, and more, on our page dedicated to Parking Mode.

Parking Mode and BlackVue Cloud

We also mention why BlackVue Cloud and Parking Mode are tightly linked. Indeed, the greatest benefit of BlackVue Cloud is to be able to be alerted with Push notifications to your phone whenever something happens to your car. And this is something that requires Parking Mode to begin with.

You can check the page HERE and if you need more info, visit the BlackVue Help Center.

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