Narrowly Avoiding Crash Site On Highway #CaughtOnBlackVue

You never know what you will encounter on the road. This BlackVue dashcam footage is a perfect example of that!

Heart-stopping moment

BlackVue user “AngrySquirrel” sent us the video in which he was driving home at night. There was a big truck in front of him, slowing down. He thought it was pretty normal on that stretch of the highway – there was a long sweeping two lane on-ramp coming up. AngrySquirrel followed the SUV on the left. As he was about to get over, he noticed the brake lights and the SUV swiftly moving to the right lane, revealing a two-car accident, dead stopped in the fast lane!

Will it brake?

The glare from the hazard lights made it hard to see, and there was no way for AngrySquirrel to get to the lane on the right because of the big truck. The driver hit the brakes hard, hoping he won’t start skidding on the debris surrounding the accident site. Thankfully, he came to a stop right behind the grey vehicle. The BlackVue user made sure everyone involved (yes, even the adorable corgi!) was alright and made sure that other cars are passing the crash site safely. We are happy that everyone came out uninjured from this seriously dangerous situation.

But in case it was needed, the driver had BlackVue footage (you can buy the upgraded model of the one featured in the video, DR750X-2CH plus, here) he could share with the police or insurance company if needed.

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About #CaughtOnBlackVue

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