Morocco: BlackVue Signs Partnership with National Road Safety Agency

BlackVue’s Moroccan distributor BlackVue Maroc signed a deal with the National Committee for Traffic Accident Prevention (CNPAC in french (check their official website, and their Facebook Page )), a national agency under the Ministry of Transport.

The goal of the partnership is for the agency to sensitize all road users –from pedestrians to drivers– to road safety. In doing so, the agency will publish videos captured by BlackVue dashcams through multiple media channels including web and TV. Our distributor BlackVue Maroc will be in charge of providing those videos to the agency.

BlackVue Maroc has been actively promoting safety on the road through their Facebook page and YouTube channel with series of videos captured on the roads of Morocco.

BlackVue Maroc - CNPAC visit

Above: BlackVue Maroc – CNPAC Director Benaceur BOULAAJOUL (left) and Abdessadek MAAFA, Chief of Communication and Sensitization Division at CNPAC discuss with Ayoub BELLARAB (right) of BlackVue Maroc.

BlackVue Maroc - CNPAC visit BlackVue Maroc - CNPAC visit

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