Mechanic Hitting Car With A Football Caught in Parking Mode

Throwing a football at a car = Not a good idea

This video shared by our US distributor, The Dashcam Store (they are definitely on a roll!), shows off two very important features in BlackVue DR650S-2CH dashcam – Parking Mode and Push Notifications (via BlackVue Cloud). The video was provided to The Dashcam Store by one of their customers. That customer had left his car to his mechanic. The footage was recorded inside of that mechanic’s shop. Thanks to Parking Mode, the camera was able to record the mechanic who thought it was a great idea to throw… a football at the vehicle.

Throwing a football at a car equipped with a Cloud-connected BlackVue = Very bad idea

Thanks to the “Impact detected” Push Notification–the dashcam was connected to the Cloud via portable LTE/Wi-Fi router–sent to the owner’s phone, he was able to quickly check what was going on. He was likely shocked to see his mechanic playing football with a coworker. Still, probably not as shocked as the mechanic himself upon discovering he had been caught.
As you can probably guess, the person throwing the football is no longer his mechanic. It’s somewhat hard to believe the mechanic was actually the one who installed the dashcam! 

Make sure your car is always safe – even when you are away. To learn more about BlackVue Cloud (which features Push Notifications), click here.

To watch the video, click the thumbnail above or watch it on YouTube here.

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