Losing Control On A Highway Ends In A Crash And An Arrest #CaughtOnBlackVue

Your dashcam footage can become crucial evidence. Watch the video and read Jeff’s story below to see for yourself!

Over 100 mph and into a barricade

This happened in the middle of the 2020 lock-down, which in this case was a good thing – the streets were relatively less traveled compared to the usual traffic. Jeff was traveling down an empty highway when suddenly a black convertible drove over 100 mph just in front of his vehicle, visibly not in control of the car. The convertible then continued right across the road, until it slammed into barricade wall at a high rate of speed. Despite two deflated tires and a broken front axle, the driver continued then, slowly, until the nearest gas station.

BlackVue footage handed to the police

Jeff mentions that he remembers everything as if in slow-motion. At first he thought that the other driver was pursued by police, or fleeing a dangerous road-rage incident. As he realized it must have been a reckless driver, he decided to follow him, calling the emergency services. At the gas station once the police arrived and interrogated the driver, Jeff was able to provide the footage from the incident thanks to the BlackVue dashcam installed in his car. He was able to quickly download the footage to his iPad via the BlackVue app and then Airdrop the video file directly to the police officer’s IOS device.

Arrest was made

The reckless driver claimed he didn’t remember anything from the incident. As it turned out, he blew over 2 times the legal limit for alcohol, and was on prescription drugs. He was then promptly arrested on suspicion of operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol, excessive speed, and failure to maintain control of the vehicle. It’s easy to imagine that the scenario could have been so much worse. The convertible driver could have struck Jeff’s, or someone else’s car, or continue his dangerous behavior on the road. BlackVue dashcam provided important evidence for the police, and we hope that – at least in the case of this driver – incident such as this one never happens again. It’s difficult to predict what may happen on the road. For all the unpredictable moments, BlackVue dashcams record everything for you.

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