London Thief Caught On Dash Cam Stealing Disability Parking Badge

BlackVue user and YouTuber Michael Michaels caught this upsetting video of a thief stealing both a disability parking badge and a backpack containing a laptop on the front and rear cameras of his BlackVue dash​cam  in Parking Mode. 

See for yourself and help London police find the thief if you can. We will share the description below:

Help to catch a thief:

Here is the dash​cam footage of the man that broke into my vehicle and stole my father’s disabled blue badge from the hospital that he is admitted and awaiting major surgery. This heartless man stole my 83yr old father’s disability badge from outside the hospital in central London (Queens Square).

He also managed to get into the boot of the car and taking a black backpack from the boot with a laptop, using some kind of clever device to open the doors.

So please feel free to share this post to warn others and maybe even find this sick man.

I was later given a parking ticket to add salt to the wound!!

If you happen to recognise him or have seen him before, please send PM or email at: [email protected]. Many thanks. Exact location:


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