Legendary Ford Falcon GT-F Rear-Ended #CaughtOnBlackVue

We always say that a BlackVue dashcam can give you a peace of mind when you drive. Here’s an example that illustrates that saying perfectly.

BlackVue user Alan was on his way to grab a breakfast with his friend… when he suddenly got rear-ended.

The traffic before him slowed down so he braked, and saw in his rear-view mirror that the car behind him – instead of stopping- actually accelerated!

Alan was on the phone (via Bluetooth) when it happened, and as soon as he got hit he told his friend on the phone that “at least I got it on dashcam”. He probably didn’t expect that the recording would come in handy so soon. Usually you use it when you submit it for evidence to the police and/or the insurance company. In this case, however, the other driver initially tried to put the blame on Alan, but after a quick mention that everything was recorded on Alan’s BlackVue DR750S-2CH (available for purchase here), the culprit paid up straight away.

Unfortunately, Alan’s car is the iconic Australian Ford Falcon GT-F (more info here) and it’s still unknown if it can be repaired. We keep our fingers crossed for Alan and his Falcon!

Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or here.

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