Late Night Hit & Run #CaughtOnBlackVue

The power of Parking Mode!

This hit and run was recorded when the owner of the BlackVue dashcam, Aaron, was asleep – and he only discovered the damage after a couple of weeks! At first he thought it was bird dropping, but upon closer inspection, it turned out there was a hole in his vehicle. He checked his dashcam and sure enough – he found the culprit. It was his neighbor, who neglected to mention the accident to him. Thanks to his BlackVue dashcam Aaron was able to get the repair money.

Want to learn more about Parking Mode? Click here

We asked BlackVue users to send us accidents, near misses and other interesting footage they managed to capture with their dashcams. If you have a video you’d like to share, please send it to [email protected]. Include a short description, and your shipping address and phone number – if we end up using your video, you will receive a gift from us!

Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or here.

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