KRISPY CROSS COUNTRY 2020 X BLACKVUE – BlackVue Dashcam Footage Compilation

From breathtaking views and unexpected encounters (a ladder in the middle of the road, you say?!) to explosive reactions from the passengers, this BlackVue dashcam footage compilation has it all!

Recently we shared Chris’ (the man behind  Krispy Media on YouTube) testimonial from his 30-day, 10,000+ mile cross country trip. He talked about his experience with the BlackVue dashcams and how useful they were during the trip. The team installed the DR900X-2CH and DR750-2CH LTE dashcams across their two vehicles.

Today we’d like to present you some of the amazing footage Chris and his shared with us! The videos showcase the beauty hidden all over the US – from mountains and rivers to bustling cities such as Las Vegas. But not only that – Chris and his team invited various guests from various states to collaborate on their videos and drove around with some of them. You can check their reactions to Chris’ 700hp Subaru Legacy Wagon’s power!

Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or here.

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