DR750S-1CH Firmware Russian

DR750S-1CH Firmware Russian

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Create DateNovember 21, 2017
Last UpdatedNovember 21, 2017
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This is the firmware for BlackVue DR750S-1CH.
Platforms: Windows / Mac OS X
For installation, follow the firmware installation instructions at www.blackvue.com/downloads.

What's New:

Version 1.017 (2019-06-10):

  1. GPS Tracking improvements (Any Paid Cloud Plan)
    1. Polling rate increased for better accuracy (1 minute --> 15 seconds). 
    2. Multiple usability improvements.
    3. Not supported by the BlackVue Mac Viewer. 
  2. Video On Map (Fleet Plan only)
    1. In GPS Tracking mode, play auto and manually uploaded videos right from the the map. 
    2. Not supported by the BlackVue Mac Viewer. 
  3. Quick View Notifications update (Any Paid Cloud Plan):
    In case of Event, access the video directly from the push notification or via the Notifications menu in the BlackVue App/Viewer. 

※ Compatible software versions:
BlackVue App: Android v2.91 / iOS v2.91 and up.
BlackVue Viewer: Windows v2.08.


Make sure to use the latest versions of the BlackVue Viewer and App for full compatibility when installing a new firmware version.

How to upgrade:

Via computer:
Go to the DOWNLOADS page to access the latest firmware and installation instructions.
Via the BlackVue App (iOS/Android):
Download the firmware to your mobile device (Menu button  on the app's Home screen > Firmware download) and do a Firmware Over-The-Air upgrade (BLACKVUE WI-FI > Gear icon  > Firmware upgrade (FOTA)). 
Tip: make sure to download the firmware before you connect to your BlackVue in Wi-Fi (since the BlackVue won't give you the internet connection necessary to download the firmware). If you are already connected to your BlackVue, then disconnect first, download the firwmare, then connect to the BlackVue's Wi-Fi again. 
Over the Cloud:
See how to easily update your firmware with BlackVue Over the Cloud HERE.

Update Logs

Version 1.016 (2019-03-26):

  1. Turn off the proximity sensor: Firmware settings > System settings > Proximity sensor:
    1. Voice (audio) recording On/Off
    2. Manual recording
    3. Off (NEW)
  2. SD Card Failure Alert: your dashcam constantly monitors the microSD card to detect write protection errors. If the microSD becomes write protected, a "Check SD card" voice notification will play from the dashcam.

Version 1.015:
Bug fixes and stabilization improvements.
Version 1.014:
Fixes issue where the 180-degree camera rotation option would not apply.
Version 1.013:

  1. Quick View Notifications:
    • When a Normal, Parking Mode or Manual Event occurs, a thumbnail is now displayed alongside the Push Notification sent.
    • Push Notifications are sent both when an Event starts (e.g. “Impact detected” notification) and when the recording ends (“Event recording saved”).
    • If you tap on the Push Notification, the app opens to display a popup with a large-size thumbnail and allow you to view a live stream (Event start notifications) or play a quick play version of the video (Event saved notifications).
  2. Cloud FOTA (firmware upgrade via the Cloud):
    • Upgrade your dashcam’s firmware easily over the Cloud.
    • To use this feature, go to the BLACKVUE CLOUD menu in the BlackVue app (Cloud Viewer in the desktop application).
    • When a new firmware is available, an icon will show near your dashcam’s name.
      Tap the 3-dot icon ()> Remote firmware update > Update Now. The dashcam will start downloading the firmware and automatically apply it. You will be notified once the upgrade is successful or fails.
  3. Write Error Detection:
    • Your BlackVue constantly checks that the microSD card is properly recording videos.
    • If your microSD card becomes write-protected (“bricked”), a “Check SD card” voice message will play from the dashcam.
    • What should you do if your dashcam prompts you to check the SD card?
      First, try formatting the microSD card using the Format button on the side of the dashcam (Hold the button until a voice prompt plays, then hold again). If that does not fix the issue, try formatting using the BlackVue Viewer for Mac/Windows. Then if the issue persists, contact Support at [email protected].
  4. Wi-Fi connection error voice prompt:
    If you try to connect to the dashcam in direct Wi-Fi while another device is already connected, the following voice alert will play: “Direct Wi-Fi connection already in use”. 

Version 1.012 (no release):
Version 1.011:
Driving Reports compatibility (BlackVue Fleet Tracking): Driving Reports is a BlackVue Fleet Tracking feature that allows users to view a summary of one's vehicle/dashcam activity over the past 90 days. 
Statistics include: driver details, distance driven, travel time, no. of idle stops, idling time, no. of Parking Mode sessions, parked time, no. of times a GPS signal was not found, time without a GPS signal, speed report (no. of speeding alerts, highest speed, average speed), no. of Events (while parked and while driving), geo-fencing report (no. entries/exits/time within a geo-fenced zone).
Note: For the Driving Reports to function properly, the dashcam must be connected to the Cloud at all times.
Driving data are uploaded to the Cloud every minute.
If disconnected from the Cloud, the dashcam will keep in memory up to 60 minutes of driving data and upload them to the Cloud upon re-establishing a connection.
To access the Driving reports: 
BlackVue Viewer :  Fleet tracking > Driving reports.
BlackVue App: BLACKVUE CLOUD > tap on a dashcams' name > tap on the Driving Reports icon.

Version 1.010:

  1. New Time Lapse Parking Mode option.
    1. After switching to Parking Mode, the dashcam starts recording continuously at 1 frame per second.
    2. Every 30 minutes, frames are combined into a 1-minute, 30-frames-per-second video.
    3. Buffered Events: in case of impact detected, the dashcam switches to regular Event recording, including the 5-6 seconds before the impact.
    4. Scheduled Reboot: if set up, Schedule Reboot will happen during Time Lapse.
    5. Framerate: Time Lapse videos play back at 30 frames per second, regardless of framerate setting.
      To select this Parking Mode option, go to Firmware settings > Basic > Recording > Parking mode recording > Time lapse.
  2. Improved Motion & Impact detection Parking Mode, with Region-based Motion detection:
    1. 16 regions (4x4 grid) can be selected (motion detected) or deselected (motion ignored).
    2. Motion sensitivity setting (Off, 1~5) is applied globally.
    3. Due to the distortion induced by the wide view angle of the camera, center region motion sensitivity is higher than for side regions.
      For this reason, if you only select regions on the left and right sides, we recommend using a sensitivity value of 4 or higher.
      To change those settings, go to Firmware settings > Sensitivity > Motion detection (Parking Mode)

Version 1.009:

  1. New Event File Auto-upload function (Fleet Tracking accounts only). Automatically upload Event video sub-streams (low-res Quick Play version) to the Cloud. 
  2. New Garage hotspot setting (BlackVue Over the Cloud and Fleet Tracking). Prioritize your home or work Wi-Fi connection to save on your mobile hotspot data plan. You can now set any of your registered Wi-Fi hotspots as "Garage" hotspot. The BlackVue will connect in priority to Garage hotspots when switching to Parking Mode. Additionally, while in Parking Mode, it will check every 10 minutes for an available Garage hotspot if not already connected to one. 
  3. Now Cloud video file upload will resume in case of interruption (BlackVue Over the Cloud).

Version 1.008 (no release):
Version 1.007:

  1. Added Sub-Stream capability, which records Quick play versions of videos for fast viewing over direct Wi-Fi and Cloud connection. 
  2. Fixed Cloud Live View errors. 
  3. Japanese version-specific settings: 
    1. Default Time Zone: GMT+9. 
    2. Security LED OFF. 

Version 1.006:
Added high temperature warning (Cloud feature):
- Receive an alert Push Notification when your BlackVue detects an ambient temperature of 65 degrees Celsius (149°F) or more.
- Firmware settings > Cloud settings > Push notification settings.
Version 1.005:

  1. Added 180-degree image rotation function in the settings.
  2. Wi-Fi connection stability improvements (for users who configured a Cloud hotspot).
    - Fixed a problem where the "Incorrect Password" pop-up would show when trying to establish a direct Wi-Fi connection while the dashcam was searching for a registered Cloud hotspot.

Version 1.004:

  1. Added Live Auto-upload support (with BlackVue App version 2.68 and higher). Let your dashcam save instantly a live stream to the Cloud when an Event is triggered (by impact or manually).
  2. Improved Wi-Fi connection process.

Version 1.003:

  1. Improved image quality:
    - Decreased sharpening for a more natural-looking image and overall improved details.
    - Better noise reduction at night and in dark environments.
    IMPORTANT: new Brightness Default value: 3. Since the DR750S Series retains settings upon upgrade, you may want to readjust the Brightness on your dashcam after upgrading (previous firmware version's default Brightness was 1).
  2. New Extreme Mode with 25Mbps bitrate for the front camera. Please note: file size and Wi-Fi transfer time will increase if you choose this mode (front camera video files will be approximately 190MB vs 90MB in Sports Mode).
  3. New Enhanced Night Vision setting options: On (Always) / On (Parking mode only) / Off.
  4. New Wi-Fi Auto Turn On option (On/Off).
  5. Improved Cloud hotspot connection scenario and fixed Cloud-related voice alerts.
  6. Improved Parking Mode Voice Notification scenario to reduce false positives (such as opening/closing doors): the dashcam will ignore all Events occurring in the 3-minutes before exiting Parking Mode.

Version 1.002:
Added voice guidance for Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) upgrade.
Single firmware compatible with both Windows and Mac OS (instead of separate versions previously).
Version 1.001:
Improved image clarity.
DAB interference mitigation.
Optimized frame rate for Japan.
- If you set the language to Japanese, the dashcam will record at 59fps/29.5fps.
New Brightness default/recommended setting. We optimized the image for a Brightness setting of 1. We recommend changing Brightness to 1 after performing the upgrade (previous version's Brightness default setting: 2).
Version 1.000:
Original firmware release.