Jeep Getting A “Nose Job” By A Truck #CaughtOnBlackVue

The Customer who sent us this video gave it a peculiar title – “nose job”. It piqued our interest, to say the least. And upon checking the BlackVue dash cam footage we had to agree – it depicted exactly what the title said�

The “nose job”

BlackVue user Grimace (pseudonym) was following a young couple in a Jeep through the Hungry Jack’s drive-through. The Jeep left, and as Grimace was ordering his food, an unusual scene unfolded. The white Jeep stopped behind a big truck waiting to join the traffic, but the truck suddenly reversed – dragging the Jeep along! In the video you can hear shocked reactions from the BlackVue user and the drive-through employee.

Swift insurance claim process

According to Grimace, the truck driver had a hard time trying to remove most of the Jeep’s front bumper later, as it was lodged firmly in the truck’s wheel arch. It had been completely torn off the Jeep. Grimace pulled up next to the Jeep and let the couple know that his BlackVue dash cam recorded the whole incident. He then sent them the footage and everything was settled pretty quickly with the insurance thanks to the dash cam video they were able to provide.

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