Jeep Door Thief Caught On BlackVue DR750S-2CH Dashcam

This is a story that shows the importance of having a BlackVue dashcam and using the Parking Mode.

BlackVue user Kyle can attest to that after the events that unfolded just a few days ago.

Kyle is a Jeep owner and a member of various local Facebook groups, thanks to which this story has a happy ending. What’s the story?

Kyle’s Jeep’ tube door were stolen and he posted about the incident on the NOR-CAL 4×4 Facebook group, describing what happened. And he knew what happened – down to the full description of the thief and his license plate number – because he had the BlackVue DR750S-2CH (avalable here) installed in his Jeep. It was running even though he was away from the car and the engine was off thanks to one of our Parking Mode accessories – in Kyle’s case, it was the hardwiring kit, Power Magic Pro (available here).

After Kyle’s post went live, it didn’t take members of the group long to find the culprit, who promptly returned the stolen doors via a third party.

Kyle told us that he is still going to press charges, though. All the video evidence recorded by the BlackVue DR750S-2CH was shared with the police.

Watch the entire incident by clicking the thumbnail above or here.


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