Introducing BlackVue’s Sponsorship of Formula Drift

The first Formula Drift event of the season was the occasion for BlackVue to test the waters –quite literally, considering the rain that blessed Long Beach– and introduce its dashcams and its BlackVue Cloud service for the first time in a professional racing championship.

Featuring a mix of cool drifting shots, BlackVue dashcam footage and BlackVue staff interviews, this video will give you an overview of the event and BlackVue’s approach of the dashcam market.

As we have mentioned in earlier posts, we are really happy with the Formula Drift fans response to the BlackVue sponsorship!

We consider the Unlimited Live View Weekend was a success and plan to reiterate it during upcoming events, starting with Atlanta on May 6-7.

We learned a lot during the Long Beach event will thrive to do our best to provide the best viewing experience via our BlackVue Cloud service to both Formula Drift fans and BlackVue users.

As a last note, many thanks to Steven and Cool Guys Productions for this coverage of the event for BlackVue.

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