Intersection Close Call #CaughtOnBlackVue

Today in #CaughtOnBlackVue series: an intersection close call captured by the BlackVue DR900S-2CH!

BlackVue user Chris, who sent us his footage, learned that constant vigilance on the road pays off.

He was driving his Mercedes SL500 and proceeded into an intersection as the light turned green. Suddenly and unexpectedly, another car almost rams into Chris’ Mercedes! Turns out they ignored the red left turn light and almost hit Chris and his passenger. Chris avoided the accident by stepping on the gas and accelerating slightly.

You can see on the footage from the DR900S-2CH rear camera that the red car almost hit another vehicle behind Chris’ Mercedes!

Chris told us: “The camera quality of the 4K front camera in the DR900S-2CH makes it very clear the light turned green for me and gave a clear image of the license plate despite the wet weather and windshield wipers partially obscuring the video.”

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Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or here.

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