Intersection Accident Caught on Dashcam

Accident on the intersection

We bring you yet another video of an accident, this time from an intersection in Pennsylvania. In the footage, captured on BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dashcam, we actually can’t see the white car coming from the right until it’s too late – the driver with the dashcam just could not avoid the collision. Even if the speed was moderate, the dashcam owner’s car hit the side of the white car strongly enough to take away their front bumper.

Dashcam helps determine who’s at fault

The police who arrived at the scene were quick to determine that the white car driver was at fault upon examining the BlackVue footage. If there’s one thing everyone can learn from the video is – don’t make a turn if you can’t see the oncoming traffic! Also, having a dashcam can save you a lot of headaches when dealing with accident settlements. It makes it easy to determine who’s at fault and can potentially preserve your good standings with your insurance company.

The video was edited and shared by our distributor in Canada, BlackboxMyCar. Thank you for sharing!

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