Intersection Accident Caught on BlackVue DR750S-2CH

YouTuber EastCoastJeepSRT uploaded a video captured by his BlackVue DR750S-2CH dashcam. It is probably one of the first accidents caught on the new BlackVue. The dashcam caught an accident that unfolded in front of the YouTuber’s parked vehicle – an inexperienced, distracted driver crashed into a Mitsubishi at an intersection. Thankfully, no one was hurt and the parties involved sorted out the problem amicably. If they hadn’t, the dashcam footage would have provided ample evidence as to who was at fault.

Ron’s (the owner of the BlackVue dashcam) commentary is hilarious, too!

You can also watch the DR750S-2CH’s Enahnced Night Vision review by this YouTuber here.


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