Insurance discount for dashcam users?

Soon, having a dashcam � such as BlackVue � in your car might give you an insurance discount.

New York lawmakers are proposing a bill that would decrease the car insurance costs by as much as 5 percent for the drivers that have equipped their vehicles with dashboard cameras. State Sen. Jose Peralta and Assembly member Alicia Hyndman, who proposed the bill, claim that having a dashcam installed in your car proves to be beneficial not only for the drivers and the insurance companies, but also for the law enforcement, as it provides invaluable evidence in many otherwise unsolvable cases. The videos recorded by dashcams can become crucial in crash or crime investigations, as well as help to stop fraud and prevent reckless behavior behind the wheel, often prompting the dashcam owners themselves to drive more responsibly.

Although the bill is still in the making, AAA Spokesman Robert Sinclair mentioned that just like seatbelts, airbags, and backup cameras, dash cams might become standard in the future.

Source: CBS New York (pictured above: senator Jose Peralta discussing dashboard cameras and increased road safety)

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