[Install] DR490L-2CH LCD Dashcam Hardwired in C7 Corvette

YouTuber CarGuy11 got creative with this hardwired install of a DR490L-2CH BlackVue dashcam in his C7 Corvette.

Hardwired installation

To take advantage of the built-in Parking Mode capability of the BlackVue, he hardwired it to the car’s battery. However, unlike most vehicles that have the fuse panel somewhere near the driver or passenger seat, the C7 Corvette’s fuse panel is located at the back of the vehicle. This meant the hardwiring cable was slightly short to go all the way back to the dashcam. But CarGuy11 found that he could use the regular cigar lighter power cable–also provided–and connect it to the harwiring cable for the extra length.

1080p rear camera facing the driver

Another touch of originality is the way he decided to mount the “rear” camera. Instead of mounting it on the rear windshield, he chose to stick it right under the front camera, facing the interior of the vehicle. As a YouTuber, this lets him do some vlogs and capture the reactions of his passengers as well.

In the end, our YouTuber seems pretty happy with the result, and his dashcam was already able to catch people “ogling over [his] car”–no harm done!

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