How To Identify Your Vehicle’s Fuse Type?

The two ways of enjoying Parking Mode

You decided that you need Parking Mode recording to protect your car when it’s parked–or keep an eye on your parked vehicle from anywhere with BlackVue Cloud. Great! For Parking Mode, you have usually two options: use an external battery or hardwire your dashcam to your vehicle’s battery.
BlackVue provides two accessories that enable Parking Mode: the Power Magic Pro (the “Pro installation kit”) and the Power Magic Battery Pack (for easy plug-and-play installation using the cigar lighter power socket). 

If you decided to go with the Battery Pack, you can stop reading here!

If you’d rather choose the Power Magic Pro, the following might be helpful. 

Want to install a Power Magic Pro? Fuse Taps can help.

Our U.S. distributor The Dashcam Store created a fantastic video tutorial for those thinking about getting a Power Magic Pro to accompany their BlackVue dashcam! Power Magic Pro is a useful tool that supplies power to your BlackVue from your vehicle’s battery according to the configured voltage and timer to prevent vehicle battery discharge. Thanks to Power Magic Pro you are able to use your dashcam potential to its fullest – and use it in Parking Mode. Of course, since it’s a hardwiring kit, it requires a (bit) more advanced installation and tapping into your fuse box.

Although it’s possible to do without fuse taps, those are recommended if you want to do a clean installation. 

But how to identify what type of fuse your vehicle has? Here’s where The Dashcam’s Store’s tutorial comes in handy – it helps you identify your fuse type and, by extension, what fuse tap you’ll need to install a Power Magic Pro in your car. A must watch!

To watch this informative video, click on the thumbnail above or here.

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