How To Identify Constant and Switched Fuses for Harwiring

Today we are going deeper with The Dashcam’s Store‘s “How To” series.

Constant vs Switched fuse

In this video you will learn, step-by-step, how to identify your vehicle’s constant and switched fuses. Why do you need that, you might ask? You can use it to install your dashcam with a BlackVue Power Magic Pro, BlackVue direct wire harness, or other accessory that taps directly into your vehicle’s battery.

Why bother hardwiring?

Hardwiring has its advantages: first, it lets you free the cigar lighter power socket of your car. Second, it allows you to perform a very “clean” install with no visible cable. Last, but not least, it unlocks the full potential of your BlackVue by allowing you to use Parking Mode.

For those who don’t feel like toying with their vehicle’s fuse box, there is always the simple solution of using a Power Magic Battery Pack, which enables Parking Mode while being easy to install.

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You can watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or HERE.

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