Hydroplaning and Rollover Accident Caught on Dashcam

Hydroplaning, near-missed collision, followed by rollover

BlackVue owner and YouTuber Khoa Phan shared video footage from his BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dashcam. In the video the driver of a white sedan loses control over the vehicle on the wet road. They avoid hitting an SUV in front of them by sheer luck and slide off the road, where the car flips and rolls over a couple of times.

Serious-looking accident

The BlackVue owner decided to check on the injured party and immediately called 911. Despite the accident looking quite serious (the car was badly damaged in the rollover) the driver and his passenger came out of it relatively unscathed. We reached out to Khoa for more details. Apparently, a woman behind him had also pulled over. She was exhorting them to get away from the car, claiming it might explode. One of them still went back in to search for his phone!

The mystery remains

Then the story takes a strange turn. Indeed, they asked Khoa to give them a ride. However, he had to decline, having just called the police. He even asked them to stay at the scene until the police would arrive. According to the BlackVue owner, they then decided to take their leave before the emergency team could reach the site.

Now, one has to wonder what would have happened, had Khoa given them a ride.

Would they have tried to get hold of the footage? Car-jack them? Or worse? Were they just trying to hide the fact they had driven dangerously and were at fault?

Khoa said he would let us know if he hears more and we will be sure to update this story then.

Thanks to him for posting this video and kindly following up with us!



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