How BlackVue Cloud and Parking Mode Combine for Best Vehicle Protection

BlackVue Cloud and Parking Mode enhance each other to provide the ultimate 24/7 video protection for your vehicle.
BlackVue Cloud enhances your Cloud-compatible BlackVue dashcam in more ways than one.
If you’d like to keep an eye on your teens driving the family car, BlackVue Cloud’s Remote Live View and Live GPS Tracking can come handy. Your elderly relatives could also feel safer knowing you have a way to check on them when they drive.
With BlackVue Fleet Tracking, based on BlackVue Cloud, a single fleet manager can keep an eye on up to a hundred vehicles in real time using only connected BlackVue dashcams.
For most individual users, however, BlackVue Cloud would not be as useful if not for Parking Mode.

A winning combination

Parking Mode and BlackVue Cloud complete each other perfectly.
Dashcam owners like to drive knowing they will be protected in case of an accident. For many drivers, however, anxiety kicks in when they have to be away from their vehicle.

Parking Mode keeps your BlackVue active when ignition is off

The first thing a BlackVue owner can do to secure their parked vehicle is wire their dashcam for Parking Mode. In Parking Mode, your BlackVue stays active, recording clips triggered by either visible motion (lens) or impacts (built-in G-sensor). In both cases, thanks to buffered recording, the video clips include the few seconds before the trigger. Higher-end models like the DR750X and DR900X Series also include a Time Lapse + Impact mode. In this mode, the dashcam records continuously at one frame per second, while also capturing regular buffered Event videos in case of an impact.
There are a few ways to enable Parking Mode. First, with a Parking Mode kit that uses your vehicle’s battery to power the dashcam, while preventing complete battery discharge. The other way is using a dedicated Parking Mode battery. For more information on available options, check our Parking Mode accessories page.
To summarize, with Parking Mode, you get an added layer of security for your car. However, what if it is not enough to appease your anxiety? What if you want the ability to check on your car anytime from anywhere? That’s where BlackVue Cloud comes into play.

Your car at your fingertips with BlackVue Cloud

BlackVue launched BlackVue Cloud in 2015, which means a few generations of dashcams are compatible with the main features. You can check here the list of BlackVue Cloud compatible models.
When you combine Parking Mode with BlackVue Cloud, you get access to your car anytime, from anywhere via the BlackVue app. This is actually what makes the Cloud so valuable to individual users.
Let’s consider this scenario: while you are eating at a restaurant, your car gets hit. Since the dashcam is in Parking Mode, it detects the impact and records a video that includes the few seconds leading to the impact. This will be useful to make any insurance claim or provide proof to law enforcement.
Now, since your BlackVue is also connected to the Cloud, the dashcam sends a Push Notification alert message to your phone as soon as the impact is detected.
Right there and then, you can check on your phone what’s going on around your vehicle with Remote Live View. If lucky, you could even catch the culprit in person before they leave the scene.
If the situation would rather call for caution (break-in, burglary), you can advise what to do next, like calling the police.
Either way, once the video is recorded, the BlackVue can save a copy to the Cloud and informs you with a second message.
Available Cloud features vary with your Cloud plan. Check our Cloud plans overview page for a full list of features.

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