Hit and Run in a Parking Lot #CaughtOnBlackVue

This hit and run footage caught on BlackVue DR750S-2CH dashcam (available for purchase here) was sent to us by BlackVue user Michae Brunner Sr as a part of our #CaughtOnBlackVue program.

Michael’s brand new car was hit by another employee when he was at work. To make things worse, the employee ran away, unaware that the entire incident was recorded on Michael’s BlackVue dashcam. Thanks to the footage the situation was clear from the beginning – Michael had the evidence for the insurance company. As Michael told us, things could have turned ugly, because the culprit was his senior at work and without the video evidence it would have been hard to prove who damaged his car. With Michael’s BlackVue, it wasn’t an issue.

You can watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or here.

If you have a dash​cam video you’d like to share, please send it to [email protected]. Include a short description and your shipping address and phone number � if we end up using your video, you will receive a gift from us!

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