Hit-and-run Attempt Foiled by BlackVue Cloud

This video was sent to us by Jerry, a BlackVue owner residing in New York. It is a perfect example of why the DR650S Series’ Cloud feature and Parking Mode Impact Push Notifications are worth considering! Jerry was grateful that the BlackVue helped him prevent a driver from getting away after hitting his parked car.

[Impact Detected] Alert Message Sent to Owner’s Phone

In the dashcam video, a van is trying to pull into a parking space but decides to drive away after he realized he hit our BlackVue owner’s car!
According to Jerry, his BlackVue was connected to BlackVue Cloud via Wi-Fi at the time of the incident. When the dashcam sensed the collision, it sent a Push Notification alerting that an impact had just been detected.

Hit and Run Caught

Thanks to the instant Push Notification, Jerry was able to quickly realize what happened and –thankfully– catch the culprit at the red lights!

He then proceeded to calling the Police, and when the agents showed up, he was able to show them on his phone the video recorded by the dashcam.

You can watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or HERE.

Thanks to Jerry for sharing his experience and this video!

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