Hit By A Semi-Truck At An Intersection #CaughtOnBlackVue

This shocking incident happened in Stockport, UK.

Truck hits a Ford Fiesta

BlackVue user Neil was at a normally busy intersection, which seemed a bit quieter that day. It was raining a bit, but the road conditions were decent. The light changed to green and the Ford Fiesta ahead of Neil entered the intersection – only to be hit by a white semi-truck coming from the left. The smaller vehicle spun across the road and hit the street light from the sheer force of the hit.

Lucky it was a quiet day…

Neil quickly got out of his car to check on the drivers – both were okay, the Ford driver bruised and shocked. The semi-truck driver seemed remorseful and admitted fault immediately. Neil waited with the Ford driver in her car until the ambulance arrived.

It was sheer luck that both road traffic and pedestrian traffic was very quiet that day, otherwise this whole incident could have been a lot worse.

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