Hit-and-run By A… Construction Vehicle?! #CaughtOnBlackVue

Here’s yet another proof that running your dash cam in Parking Mode can save you a lot of trouble when dealing with hit-and-runs!

Hit while parked

BlackVue user Francisco came back from lunch to his parked car damaged. He knew that there was a construction vehicle (a loader) parked nearby when he left, and now it was gone. Suspicious, Francisco connected to his BlackVue dash cam via the app. He found an impact video in which the construction vehicle hit his car while backing up, and then left.

Francisco contacted the supervisor of the building he parked next to and got the contact info for the landscaping company that did snow removal for the building. He reached out to them with the dash cam footage and the company agreed to pay for the damages after a short discussion. The repair was estimated at $1500 CAD.

Thankful for Parking Mode

This is what Francisco told us afterwards: “I think that if I did not have this video that proves it was them, that I would not have been successful in getting them to pay for the damages. I am so grateful. Now my car is in the shop and will be fixed soon. I am so thankful that I had a BlackVue dash cam that was able to record this event in Parking Mode.”

Francisco had an older BlackVue model that required a Parking Mode accessory to be able to record when the car was parked. The newer BlackVue dash cams, including the flagship 4K UHD LTE model, the DR970X-2CH LTE, come with a native Parking Mode feature and can be hardwired directly.

And you? Don’t wait until AFTER something happens. You never know what awaits you on the road. Get your dash cam today here.

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