Heartwarming Testimonial From BlackVue User

Recently, YouTuber and BlackVue user Simon LKJ got into a traffic accident. Fortunately he did not get hurt but his car as well as the other cars involved required repair.

According to Simon, a car on the right (in the video) ran a red light, colliding with the SUV in front of him, which suddenly crossed into Simon’s lane, hitting his car and another car.
If that sounds confusing, now imagine that it all happened in less than three seconds.

Simon says his BlackVue made his life easier when he had to explain what happened to both the police officer and his insurance company.

Simon was kind enough to share the video of the accident with us, and even said he would buy BlackVue for his relatives and friends.

There is nothing that makes us happier than a happy customer, so on behalf to BlackVue we want to say thank you Simon!

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