Head-on Collision At An Intersection Captured On Dash Cam

A head-on collision was captured by a BlackVue 4K UHD dash cam. The video was posted on the Dash Cam Owners Australia’s Twitter account.

In the video we can see a white sedan going through a busy intersection and smashing into a pick-up truck head-on. Both cars were crossing the intersection from the opposite directions. Dash Cam Owners Australia suggested that the white sedan was at fault – the driver failed to obey the changing traffic lights.

BlackVue captured all the details

The video is captioned: ‘Located in Mackay, Green arrow had gone so it was a case of turn but give way.’

The impact of the collision was so big, debris from both cars flew through the air and onto the street. Despite the accident looking quite serious, both drivers seemed to be okay. Daily Mail UK also covered this accident in an article.

You can watch the footage by clicking the embedded video below.

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