Head-on 3-way Collision On The Highway Exit #CaughtOnBlackVue

This head-on collision is so crazy you need to see it for yourself!

BlackVue user RVS818 (pseudonym) was leaving the highway, driving toward a roundabout at around 60km/h (around 37mph). Suddenly, a car from the opposite line crossed the central reservation area and plowed straight ahead onto BlackVue user’s path. The BlackVue owner tried to brake to minimize the impact, which unfortunately led to a 3-way collision with the following car, which only had a fraction of a second to understand the situation.

Although the accident was serious, no one was injured during the crash. The BlackVue user’s car was totaled – the cost of repair was estimated at 15,000 euros (approx. $17,000).

The crash – both the front and rear of the victim’s vehicle – was recorded by the BlackVue DR750S-2CH dashcam.


This week’s winner chose BlackVue DR900S-2CH as his prize.

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