He Would Have Been At Fault… If Not For The Dashcam! #CaughtOnBlackVue

We all heard about the dreaded “he said, she said” situations when it comes to car collisions. Sometimes it’s hard to determine who is at fault, especially if both drivers claim they are the victim.
What if it’s not only your word against the other driver’s word, but against the other driver’s word AND the witness’ word?
BlackVue user Dan shared his story with us.

Even Witness Said He Ran A Red

He was driving through an intersection when another driver – going over 70km/h – ran the red light and hit his car. Dan thankfully sustained only minor injuries, despite his car being practically totaled.
However, here where his luck ran out – when the police came for his statement, they told him that both the other driver and a witness said he ran a red light!
It would be his word against theirs (two to one, not the best odds). But Dan had a BlackVue DR750S-2CH dashcam installed in his vehicle. He quickly downloaded the footage via WiFi to his phone and showed it to the police. He was immediately deemed not at fault, as the video clearly showed he did not run a red light.
“Your DR750S series dashcam seriously saved my life, I can’t begin to describe how thankful I was to have it and how flawlessly it worked!!” Dan told us.

Viral on Reddit

Dan went with his story to reddit’s r/IdiotsInCars. His post titled “If it weren’t for my dash cam I would have been at fault, driver and witness said I ran a red” garnered a lot of attention. It ended up getting over 110k upvotes and more than 3,900 comments!
One of the comments stated: “Oh I bet they weren’t too excited when they found out you had a dash cam”.
We bet they weren’t, too!

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