A Good Reason To Run A Dashcam In Parking Mode

Radar and dashcam specialist and reviewer Vortex Radar was bummed to discover his car had been rear-ended while parked, just days before installing a BlackVue DR650S-2CH with Power Magic Battery Pack in his vehicle, for Parking Mode monitoring.

However, the very next day after the installation, as soon as he started his car, the BlackVue gave him a voice prompt to check his microSD card, because the camera had detected an impact and recorded video while in Parking Mode.

He connected to the BlackVue via Wi-Fi and indeed found a Parking Mode Event file showing a car backing into his vehicle.

This time the car did not sustain any visible damage, but even the slight vibration from the impact was enough to trigger the Event recording (with the video actually starting 5 seconds before the impact).

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