Go Around The Track With BlackVue & Hollywood Actor Joseph Gatt!

Ready for some action?

Born and raised in London, Joseph Gatt starred in movies such as Disney’s Dumbo and Thor. You could also see him in many TV series – Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf, The 100 and more.

As it turns out, Joseph is also a huge car enthusiast and he picked up his 2020 Shelby GT500 (Carbon Fiber Track Pack) back in January of this year.

To sweeten this – already pretty great, we admit – deal, BlackVue sent Joseph the BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K UHD dashcam to keep an eye on his vehicle.

Joseph is active on social media and even has his own YouTube channel, where he recently posted a video about his Shelby! In the video, Joseph included some pretty amazing footage from his BlackVue DR900S-2CH while he’s doing laps around the track. Later in the video he even tried his hand at drifting and doing doughnuts.

Check out the video by clicking on the thumbnail above or here.

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