Get The Most Out Of Your Dashcam By Using Parking Mode

Having a dashcam is a great way to secure your car while driving, but what about when you are away your vehicle? 
Parking Mode allows you to use your BlackVue dashcam as a security camera for your parked vehicle. 

Why should you use Parking Mode?

Check this short video we created to quickly showcase all the benefits of using BlackVue’s Parking Mode.

All BlackVue dashcams support Parking Mode, which means you can use any BlackVue Parking Mode accessory and pair it up with your dashcam*.

Choose your Parking Mode accessory

Available Parking Mode accessories are:

Power Magic EZ / Power Magic Pro / Power Magic Battery Pack / Power Magic Ultra Battery

The Power Magic EZ (OBD) and Power Magic Pro (Hardwiring) are kits that make use of your car battery’s power to keep your dashcam.  Doing so, they also prevent voltage from dropping below a safe cutoff level. 
The Power Magic batteries are designed to quickly charge while you drive and power your dashcam in Parking Mode without affecting your car’s battery. 

Two Parking Modes

In Impact and Motion detection mode, BlackVue monitors your vehicle and saves videos if it detects an impact or motion. Thanks to its video buffer, the clips will include the few seconds leading to the triggering event. 

Want to record and save to your microSD card all the time? With Time Lapse mode (available on select models), your BlackVue continuously records at one frame per second. The biggest advantage is how storage-efficient it is. You can cover a period of more than 27 hours on a 16GB microSD card for a dual-channel model at the highest (Extreme) quality setting. Impressive, right? But that’s not all. If an impact is detected, your BlackVue records a buffered Event video, which can better help you identify the culprit in case of a hit-and-run. 

You can learn more about the BlackVue Parking Mode here.


(*) DR490L-2CH requires to be hardwired itself for Parking Mode.

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